Books during COVID quarantine
- アーヤ藍

Thought about writing in Japanese but already getting lazy... Let me just jot down in English...

As I wrote in the previous blog entry, I picked books to read not only by the authors but who recommends the books. Since I am stranded in Japan due to the border control, I have been actively reading Japanese books lately.

I was browsing around Honzo yesterday, and I found this amazing book critics/reviewer , アーヤ藍. That was oh my gosh moment. Loved the books she recommends. love the blog entry of hers. The untamedness of hers is so strong while appreciating ambiguity of the society. Love that. Ended up e-stalking her for hours last night and bought 10 books she recommended.

Some books I bought below


「歩くたびにおっぱいが大きくなるマシーン」の発明家が綴る『無駄なことを続けるために -ほどほどに暮らせる稼ぎ方-』


Seems Tokyo is full of interesting ppl. Definitely added her names as "people I would love to have conversation"

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