AMR and COVID-19

Antimicrobial resistance related topics have been my lifework in the last couple of years. And, I have been involved in this COVID-19 crisis from AMR perspective.

An author of this article, ex-director of CDC Julie said "At the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, between 29% and 55% were actually caused by secondary bacterial pneumonia. The new coronavirus is no exception. Already, some studies have found that 1 in 7 patients hospitalized with Covid-19 has acquired a dangerous secondary bacterial infection, and 50% of patients who have died had such infections. The challenge of AMR could become an enormous force of additional sickness and death across our health system as the toll of coronavirus pneumonia stretches critical care units beyond their capacity"

Yet, AMR is struggling with market failure. With slim margins and consequently too little R&D efforts for antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Research shows, the profit margin of antibiotics is negative USD 100.0 million, while that of cancer is USD 8.2 billion. This causes many of the most promising antibiotic developers have gone out of antibiotics business... typical market failure.

As Julia stated "As we come together to fight today's Covid-19 crisis, we must also look ahead to the next one. We cannot be short-sighted, and we cannot be complacent, especially about antibiotic resistance"

I am working on some articles on this AMR R&D topic. As the article stated "The time to act is now"

Link for the article here
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