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6 things I tried during quarantine

It has been 4 weeks since the quarantine. As I mentioned in this article, I have been carefully managing my mental health. As one of the initiatives to maintain my mental health, I have tried "new things". Here are the 8 things, I tried in these 4 weeks.

1) Taking journal (15 mins every morning): Inspired by Youtube clip by Lavendaire. This has been one of the best habit I gained. Helps me tremendously to have clear head.

2) Jogging 5-10 K (5-7 times/week) : Listening audiobook while I am jogging is one of the time I enjoy the most these days (These days, I have been listening Ovidia Yu; The betel nut tree mystery and Three Women; Lisa Taddeo)

3) Decorating a room with flowers - inspired by Queer Eye

4) Low - carbohydrate diet : 2 out of 3 meals/day are low-carbohydrate. So far, so good. Started as 3 out of 3 meals but had pretty bad headache and changed to 2/3.

5) Hypnosis/medication: Trying Grace Space hypnosis. Nice way to feel relax especially when I feel stress by spending too much time with digital tool

6) New books
Steal Like and artist (Austin Kleon) - nice books to come visit once in a while when you feel less creative
In five years (Rebecca Serle) - nice beach holiday book. Read in my balcony under the sun to enjoy the ""fake" beach holiday mood.

Planning to try "connecting more people" via online tool this week and the next.
Grooming with flowers
Low-carbohydrate diet, breakfast
Low-carbohydrate diet, lunch
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