How I decide where to study MPH

It's been 6 years since I studied MPH at LSHTM. Still, I am getting inquires from Global Public Health passionate folks re how I decided where to study. Here is my experience. Notes: This is how I decide my path. Where I stood at the time in my public health journey and where you stand could be different. Please take it as just a thought.

Here are the key questions I asked to myself.

1) Where you want to be in your career? UN? Gates? CHAI? Private sector? etc
2) Who I want to be like?
3) How long the study can be?

Less important

4) How much time do you have for prep

1) Each school has some uniqueness. I was sure at that time that I wanted to work at WHO. (in the end, I picked pretty different path as private sector but I wanted that when I applied the school) Hence, I picked LSHTM which has stronger connection to WHO than other MPHs. In fact, within my 8 very good friends from the school, 3 of them worked/working at the WHO after graduation. 3 are at academia. 1 are at NHS. and myself at private sector. Copenhagen university international health was one of my options as well for this reason.

2) I have 3 people I admire in Global Public health. I checked the school they went to/still have connection to as well. I considered applying for KI for Hans but Sweden was a bit cold and dark for me.

Mr condom: Mechai Viravaidya

Hans Rosling

Elizabeth Pisani

3) US and Nordic schools are generally 2 years while I was not sure I wanted to spend 2 years at school.

4) For LSHTM, you need Toefl (IBT), cover letter and resume. While for US, you need GRE. I was working full time as bio statistician when I applied for the school and could not find any strong reason to spend anytime preparing for a (meaningless) test.
  • I took Toelf 2 times; 1st time 112, second time 116
  • I wrote cover letter and resume by myself (I did not get any review by anyone but I heard there are many service you can get good review)

Hope it is helpful. Reach me out via contact or instragram (MA__18____) for any further questions.

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